Internships & Work Experience


Worked as an assistant project manager, assistant painter, and MIG welder at Cianbro’s steel fabrication and coatings shop in Georgetown, MA. Assisted with project-management-related tasks, such as reviewing shop drawings, tracking inventory, and helping manage several small jobs; worked in the coatings shop to paint steel for the Longfellow bridge; and worked on the shop fabrication floor to layout and weld structural beams. Summer 2017.

Silverside Detectors

Worked side-by-side with the company’s manufacturing engineer to build 7 extremely accurate lithium nuclear detectors. Helped refine the manufacturing process to be more time- and cost-efficient. Summer 2015.

WPI, Student Assistant in the Department of Financial Aid

Help organize, file, and fact- check financial aid forms, along with other general office work. Jan 2015-present.


Designing and hand-screenprinting bulk t-shirt orders for local summer sports camps. Includes designing custom graphics and customer service, as well as manual work (burning screens, printing the shirts). 2014-present

Lockheed Martin

Worked in TTWCS (Tactical Tomahawk Weapon Control System), a department that writes code for the navy’s GPS-guided missiles. Made 3D AutoCAD models of server racks and computer systems, found and notated discrepancies in system requirements spreadsheets, and updated the TTWCS lab floor plans. Summer 2013.

DiscoverSea Shipwreck Museum

Designed and hand-produced, in bulk quantities, leather coin cases to meet the specifications of museum owner and curator. 2012-2013.

Fox Pottery Studio

Made wide variety of professional pottery pieces during this internship. Organized glazes, tools, and completed pieces. Learned all aspects of running a pottery studio. 2010-2011.